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The Mind of Kumite


Viola's martial arts experience has landed him many national roles as a stunt performer and choreographer for major corporations.  Viola also performed stunts for the movie Clock Stoppers, produced by Paramount. 
Over the years Viola has served as a spokesperson for campaigns such as “Say No to Drugs” and also has acted as a consultant for documentaries.  

He has had the opportunity to meet with some of the biggest names in Hollywood during his career includinArnold Schwarzenegger, Wesley Snipes, Halle Berry, Mandy Moore, Cher, Jennifer Lopez, Carson Daly, Tara Reid, Shosha Alexander, Pamela Anderson, Mark-Paul Gosselarr, Nelly, Sisqo, Busta Rhymes, Mystikal, Dr Dre, Pink, Ananda Lewis, and many others
You may have seen dancing on MTV, or in national commercials for companies such as 7-Eleven.  He has worked on a variety of programs, with experience on daytime television shows such as Days of Our Lives, talk shows such as Friends or Lovers, and prime time movies such as The Princess & the Marine.  Viola has also built an impressive portfolio in both a fashion and commercial print, featured on MTV’s Hitched or Ditched Viola has also had the unique opportunity to work on location of some of the hottest music videos in the industry!  He has shared the set with musical artists such as the Def Tones, Britney Spears, and The Black Eyed Peas.

Custom Stealth

This custom car has been featured in film & television


Mistakes, I've made a few, but then again to few to mention.
I did it my way....     -Frank Sinatra