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Kumite International (KI) is a non-profit and non-partisan organization dedicated to the growth and advancement of martial artists and its governing bodies.

Outlined are the 4 main objectives and current programs in operation.

1. Education

Initial Program: KicKiss KICK (competitive) KISS (leadership)

Premise: Offer leadership and competitive incentive based scholarships

Progress: Honored Lynn Swann (President Bush’s Chairman for Physical Fitness and Sports) into the Kumite International Hall of Fame. Awarded 5 Lynn Swann Scholarships.

2. Recognition

Initial Program: Kumite Quarterly

Premise: To gain media exposure and mainstream recognition & acceptance

Progress: Working with The American Sports Network (Televised Sport Karate)

3. Unification

Initial Program: Team KI

Premise: Harness the areas top competitors forming an All-Star team to represent Western PA and the tri-state area. Develop advancement opportunities that do not shelter, but embrace challenges and competition

Progress: Team KI has gained national and international experience

3. Competition

Initial Program: Kumite International Sanctioned Events

Premise: For sport karate to grow, the sport must evolve. Raise tournament standards with an emphasis on professionalism. Develop a complete circuit of rated tournaments and seminars with a focus on fair play and innovative ideas

Progress: Tournaments now sanctioned in USA, Mexico, and Canada



To offer marital arts programs that instill high moral and civic standards

To provide a safe environment for youth, in order to occupy their time in a positive manner

To provide scholastic scholarships and financial aid for underprivileged youth

To retain participation and offer training, coaching, and support for karate athletes

To uphold the integrity, ethics, and spirit of fair-play within sport karate

To provide physical fitness and good health habits through marital arts and sport karate

To implement the first scholarship based rating system in America for sport karate (KicKiss)

To administer youth leadership programs, workshops, events and competitions

To recognize and support potential champions and rising stars

To honor the unsung heroes of marital arts, and pave the way for future champions

To provide advancement opportunities for youth though the establishment of a travel teams

To conduct demonstrations with emphasis on self-esteem, self-confidence,

To encourage youth to build cultural relationships with the community and abroad

To organize sport karate on a high-school and collegiate level

To promote and protect the art of karate, its athletes, and its positive way of life in the USA

To accomplish all the above purposes for the benefit of all youth and martial artists equally.