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Sanction Your Event

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All tournament promoters, organizations, and schools are welcome to apply and retain a sanction for events upon approval. The sanction will boost attendance and support the scholarship programs.  Platinum sanctions are board approved and schools must be Kumite International Charter Members.  


The system is purely a supplement to your event.  The sanction fees are used to further scholarship programs.  KicKiss members have eligibility for college scholarships each season.  To request a sanction application form please contact

As of Jan. 1st  2006

All tournaments who wish to support KicKiss will submit a standard $200 sanction fee.  This is a flat rate for all events.  The scholarships for the 2005-2006-2007 season will be leadership based, and not point based. 


Why Should you retain a KicKiss sanction? KicKiss allows martial artists to earn sport karate based college scholarships. The only non-profit sport karate group in North America doing so. 


ALL tournament promoters, organizations, and schools are welcome to apply for sanction for events.  These sanctions DO NOT impose ANY rule or regulation changes upon the promoter.  The system is purely a supplement to the event. The sanction will boost attendance and support the scholarship programs.


The sanction fees are used to further scholarship programs and team activities.  The only way competitors can win these scholarships is by competing at KicKiss SANCTIONED events.  Sanctioned KicKiss events are covered in Kumite Quarterly Magazine The publication features KicKiss athletes, events, and tournaments across the United States.   


How many trophies, medals and plaques can serious competitors win.  Sport karate can be a very time consuming and expensive sport.  Many times athletes spends thousands of dollars and hours competing on a circuit.   Overall, sport karate champions do not receive the proper credit and recognition most conventional athletes do.  KicKiss is dedicated to giving back to the athletes with real incentive based programs. 


The programs reward its athletes with scholarships and national media recognition.  Since the KISS program is based an education theme, members can gain points at seminars and workshops also.  


The Kumite International Executive Board of Directors has passed the new standard requirements, rules, and procedures as of 2004. 

 Sanctioned KicKiss events.  KicKiss promoters must adhere to the following:


All KicKiss promoters must display the official KicKiss logo (double Ks) on the front of their flyer.  In addition the website and contact info must be visible. 724-861-5162


All KicKiss tournament promoters must submit complete and accurate results for all 1st-8th place winners.  In addition it is necessary to submit the birth dates (month, day and year) and addresses of each competitor to update the database and calculate points.


All KicKiss tournaments must adhere to a $5.00 discount on registration fees for current KI members


 All KicKiss tournaments must provide a membership table inside the tournament competition area.  The purpose is to provide an area for specific membership info. 


All KicKiss tournaments must adhere to waiving the entry fee for three (3) Platinum KI members.  All tournaments during the 2003-2004 season are subject to this rule to help support our champions.      


Platinum Promoters must have their school registered as a charter member of Kumite International. 


To become a charter member of KI, the promoters must participate in at least one fundraiser per season (example: Kick-A-Thon) to become eligible as a Platinum promoter.


Platinum tournaments are subject to board approval.  New promoters must run a successful Gold event before they can retain a Platinum sanction.    One year after a gold event, all promoters are welcome to apply for a Platinum Sanction.


Platinum tournaments must adhere to KicKiss (SKITA) rules.