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As you know, KI is a NON-PROFIT organization.  Further, we are the ONLY group in the United States awarding scholarships to karate athletes on a competitive basis.  If you have skills that could be useful to our growing organization please contact our corporate office.  We currently have commission and compensation based job openings, college internships, and Regional Directing positions available.  If you have a talent that isnt listed, and you feel it would be helpful to the organization, please contact today!

Part Time Job Opportunity                               Ratings Coordinator                          Call 724-861-5162


          Are you are Martial Arts Parent who attends countless karate tournaments?


          Are you looking for a way to defray the costs of your childs entry fees?


          Do you have MS Excel, Access, or Database Computer Skills?


*If you answered yes to any of these may be just what KI is looking for.

Contact the office today for specific details



Non-Profit Volunteer Staff Positions




          Public Relations                  

          News Journalist                  

          Photo Journalist                  

          Photo Journalist                  

          Website Skills                     

          Athlete Public Relations    

          Event Public Relations        


          Fundraising Director                                    

          Fundraising Coordinator                         

          Data Programming                                     

          Data Processing                                     

          Director of Membership     


Part-Time Commission Based Jobs


          High School Representatives           High School Charters        

          Regional Representatives                 Kick-A-Thons and Fundraising Events


*Please contact the office for specific details